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Introduction to TS 16949

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TS 16949 All In One Package


"We found the documents very useful considering we were starting from nothing. We have the tools and knowledge now to go back and develop these procedures and forms to better suit our business. "

-Hydraulic Power Technology Texas.


Use these materials to educate groups on the TS 16949 standard.

  • Tailor it to fit your audience:
    • Present to Management Team as you investigate TS 16949
    • Educate employees as your company implements TS 16949 certification
    • Present to customers & vendors so they understand the requirements
  • Use the quizzes to ensure they comprehend the information
  • Provide a Certificate as a record of the TS 16949 training

The training meets Sec. 4.4.2 requirement of the TS 16949 standard:

  1. Employee Awareness - explains the Quality Management System
  2. Record of Training - The student will receive a certificate upon completion
  3. Training Effectiveness - It includes quizzes to ensure the student comprehends the information before moving onto the next section.



Trainer's Guide
Trainer's Guide

  • Includes Technical Support
  • The 116 slide PowerPoint includes detailed speaker's notes covering:
    • What are the requirements of the TS 16949 Standard broken down by section?
        • Section 4 - General Requirements
        • Section 5 - Management Responsibility
        • Section 6 - Resource Management
        • Section 7 - Product Realization
        • Section 8 - Measurement, Analysis & Improvement
  • 129 Page Trainer's Guide(PDF)
    • Outline of speaker notes
    • Answer key for the quizzes
  • 42 page Student Guide
    • Copy of the slides and space for notes
  • Quizzes on the requirements
  • Customizable Certificate
    • Space for Student and Instructor's names

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