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ISO/TS 16949 Requirements

TS16949 includes 100% of the ISO 9001 requirements plus some additional requirements specific to the Automotive industry, including a working knowledge of the AIAG Core Tools.

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Key requirements of TS 16949:2009

TS 16949 challenges your company to meet your objectives as well as customer requirements on delivery, design and competitive cost. It also requires you to link your organizations’ business plan to the QMS (quality policy, quality objectives and measures).

  • Use of Core Tools to drive improvement
  • Top management involvement
  • Link the business plan to clearly defined measurable quality objectives.
  • Customer specific requirements added to TS 16949 certification scope
  • Focus on HR function and the personnel in your organization:
    • Process for defining competency requirements
    • Providing training
    • Verifying the effectiveness of actions taken.
    • Processes to motivate employees to reach quality objectives,
    • Attain continual improvement
    • Foster innovation
    • Measure personnel involvement in attaining quality objectives.
  • Product and process design
  • Supplier conformance to TS 16949
  • Control of laboratories.
  • Measure customer satisfaction through auditing of Processes


To effectively control the processes of the quality management system, additional procedures may be necessary. the product design aspect of clause 7.3, design and development, is the only exclusion permitted and only if they are not “design responsible.” Organizations with the authority to establish a new, or change an existing, product must comply.

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