IATF 16949:2016 in Detail:
The Clause Structure

One of the biggest differences between ISO/TS 16949:2009 and IATF 16949:2016, is that IATF 16949 is to be implemented as a supplement to and in conjunction with ISO 9001:2015. This means that when you want to be certified in IATF 16949, organizations must comply with ISO 9001, with additional supplementary requirements. The new structure of ISO 9001:2015 of which IATF 16949 is based off of, has ten clauses.  Clauses 4-10 are requirements.

To make it easier for organizations to understand the unique requirements of IATF 16949 from ISO 9001, all supplementary requirements for the Automotive Industry (IATF 16949) will be in italics.  The main reason is to help organizations that use more than one standard, and make it easier to maintain.


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The core concepts include management, customer, requirements, policy, procedure, planning, performance, objective, control, monitoring, measurement, auditing, decision making, corrective action, and nonconformity. Many of the requirements around these concepts have not changed.

ISO 9001:2015 Section Changes, of which IATF 16949 is based off of:

Section Number Current Standard Sections Proposed Standard Sections
Section 1: Scope Scope
Section 2: Normative Reference Normative References
Section 3: Terms and Definitions Terms and Definitions
Section 4: General Requirements Context of the Organization
Section 5: Management Responsibility Leadership
Section 6: Resource Management Planning
Section 7: Product Realization Support
Section 8: Measurement, Analysis and Improvement Operation
Section 9: Performance Evaluation
Section 10: Improvement

A section change that increases the scope of the Quality Management System takes into account the organization’s“context” (for instance social impact).


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