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IATF 16949 Quality Management System

What is a QMS?

So what is a Quality Management System (QMS)? A QMS is an agreed upon set of policies, processes and procedures that are required for planning and execution in the core business area of an organization (areas that impact the organization’s ability to meet customer satisfaction). IATF 16949:2016 is a QMS that is based off of ISO 9001.

Many people refer to the group of documents that describe the system as the QMS, but the documents are requirements needed to be followed in order to receive certification. The demo explains what a documented QMS looks like and how the documents all flow together.

QMS integrate various internal processes within the organization with the goal to provide a process approach for project execution. The QMS is process based which allows the organizations to identify, measure, control and improve the various core business processes. This process ultimately leads to improved business performance.

A complete IATF 16949 Quality Management System must address all the requirements of the IATF 16949, including the IATF 16949 documentation requirements.

The Concept of Quality Management

A Quality Management System in its basic concept is quite simple. It seeks to,

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History about the Automotive Quality Management System Standard

The Automotive Quality Management System Standard, also referred to as the QMS or IATF 16949, defines the fundamental quality management system requirements for automotive production and all relative service parts organizations. This QMS standard cannot be considered alone, but is a supplementary standard used in conjunction with ISO 9001:2015. ISO 9001:2015 is published as a separate ISO standard.

The first edition known as ISO/TS 16949 was created in 1999 by the International Automotive Task Force with the aim of coordinating the different assessment and certification systems globally in the supply chain of the automotive industry. The second addition, created in 2002, to either enhance the automotive sectors or in response to changes of ISO 9001.

The goal of the Automotive QMS standard is to develop a quality management system that provides continual improvement, emphasizes defect prevention and reduces variation and waste in the supply chain.