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What is APQP?

What is Advanced Product Quality Planning?

APQP stands for Advanced Product Quality Planning. It is a disciplined process for suppliers to ensure they are capable of designing product and/or manufacturing systems that will meet their automotive customers’ requirements. It outlines a process for introduction of a new product while minimizing risk for you and your customer.

Learn More about APQP with this Tutorial:

APQP Tutorial

APQP stands for Advanced Product Quality Planning

It is how a new or revision to an existing product is designed, developed, manufactured and controlled.


  • A process, not an event
  • Structured methodology
  • Assures customer satisfaction

The output of APQP is

The Continual Improvement of Product Realization.

APQP is one of five Core Tools


Existing Products – After product launch, process monitoring and review is used

  • as a catalyst for continual improvement
  • to prevent defects
  • as a means for enforcing plant-floor discipline for controlling characteristic variation

New Products – For new products, the existing process monitoring and review knowledge base

  • acts as an input to the Product Development process
  • brings the operator into the initial phases of product and process design

Transfer Products – Moving product manufacturing from one site to another


  • Resources are directed toward customer satisfaction
  • Early identification of required changes
  • Changes close to or after product launch are avoided
  • Process can successfully accommodate unavoidable changes
  • A quality product is provided on time at the lowest cost
  • Basis for continual improvement


APQP includes Manufacturing Process Design & Review and cannot be excluded from the Quality Management System

Management Review


  • results of audits
  • customer feedback
  • process performance and product conformity

APQP Status – Measurements at specific stages 

  • status of preventive and corrective actions
  • follow-up actions from previous management reviews
  • planned changes that could affect the Quality Management System
  • recommendations for improvement
  • Analysis of actual and potential field-failures and their impact on quality, safety or the environment

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