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Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)-IATF 16949 Core Tools

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Fundamentals of APQP is a computer-based training course designed specifically to help practitioners understand the APQP methodology and apply it to the development of new products and their corresponding processes.

The Fundamentals of APQP training program consists of seven Lessons and a Challenge (assessment test) designed to test the students comprehension of the body of knowledge. The initial lesson is an overview of the APQP process. The five phases of APQP are covered in the next five lessons. The final and last lesson is on Control Plans.

All courses also feature:

  • Tracking of training including student test scores and bookmarks.
  • Complete documentation for ISO 9001 (and other standards) required records.
  • With our web-based training you can manage students for an entire corporation through one web-based account.
  • Media-rich presentation including full audio and graphics.
  • Exercises throughout to help reinforce learning.
  • Solid technical content presented in an interesting and informative way.
  • Complete student control to navigate through the program in a way that best meets the needs of the student.
  • Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of courses providing documentation of Continuing Education Units that can be used for various professional certifications.

Course Objectives

In this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of the APQP process.
  • Describe the five phases of the APQP process.
  • List the steps necessary to prepare for an APQP effort.
  • Be aware of techniques used to identify the VOC (Voice of the Customer).
  • Understand how Design-FMEAs can help reduce risks in the design phase and Process-FMEAs can help reduce process related risks.
  • Be familiar with a Design Verification Plan and Report.
  • Understand the sequential progress of Control Plans from Prototype to Pre-Launch to Production Phases.
  • Understand how Engineering Change Requests generate vital documentation.
  • Be familiar with a Team Feasibility Checklist (to conclude Phase 2).
  • Select appropriate flowcharting and process mapping techniques to aid in design of the process.
  • Be familiar with a Characteristics Matrix to plot the relationship between product parameters and operational steps of the process.
  • Know the importance of Measurement System Analyses and a Preliminary Process Capability studies in evaluating the process and product output.
  • Be familiar with the Production Part Approval Process.
  • Be acquainted with a Quality Planning Sign-Off (that confirms completion of Phases 1 through 4).
  • Know about tools and techniques that are used to continuously improve both the product its corresponding process.

Intended Audience – Quality technicians, engineers, supervisors, and all other personnel who participate in Product/Process development.

Approximate Time To Complete – 6 hours

  • 30 Days Access to Training
  • 30 Days Extension available
  • Study Guide in PDF Format
  • Certificate of Completion
  • CEU’s – (.6)

Course Outline

  • Overview of APQP
    • Explain the purpose of the APQP process.
    • Describe the five phases of the APQP process.
    • List the steps necessary to prepare for an APQP.
  • Lesson 1: Phase 1 Plan and Define
    • Describe the purpose and objectives of Phase 1.
    • Explain how customer needs and expectations can be translated into a value-added (and competitive) offering.
    • Become familiar with the design, reliability and quality goals of Phase 1.
  • Lesson 2: Phase 2 Product Design
    • Describe how the conceptual product direction from Phase 1 is formalized into a detailed design.
    • Become familiar with how compiled outputs of Phase 2 become the foundation for a comprehensive design of the process.
  • Lesson 3: Phase 3 Process Design and Development
    • Describe the information and data needed to develop a detailed design of the process.
    • Become familiar with how the detailed process design will set the stage for product and process validation.
  • Lesson 4: Phase 4 Product and Process Validation
    • Describe how the manufacturing process and the corresponding product(s) will be validated.
    • Explain the major evaluation criteria of the “Significant Production Run.”
    • Describe the purpose of the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).
  • Lesson 5: Phase 5 Feedback Assessment & Corrective Action
    • Describe how inputs are collected and complied for improving the product and process.
    • Explain techniques reducing common cause variation, addressing customer satisfaction issues, improving delivery and service issues and applying lessons learned.
  • Lesson 6: Control Plans
    • Explain the role of a Control Plan in the APQP process.
    • Describe the key sections of a Control Plan.
    • Distinguish between reaction plan triggers and root cause analysis.
  • Challenge (Course Test) Fundamentals of APQP
    • An assessment of the learner’s progress in this unit.

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