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IATF 16949:2016 Flowcharts

Flowcharts to help you understand your business.


Includes SmartDraw, Visio, and PDF formatting

Flow Chart to address every requirement

Customizable for your orgnaization

Created in the most popular Flowcharting Software:

  • IATF 16949:2016 flowcharts created in MS Visio© and SmartDraw©. These flowchart templates can be exported to MS Word©, PowerPoint©, Excel©. **
  • IATF 16949:2016 Flowcharts as pdf files so you can view them before deciding on which software you will use to edit the documents.

This complete package of 31 flow diagrams integrates with your QMS:

  • The 7 main flow diagrams provide a summary of the QMS while dealing with the 7 clauses of IATF 16949:2016 and integrating information from the QMS Docs package.
  • The remaining 24 flow diagrams expand on the 7 main ones and deal with understanding what can be done to meet the requirements by providing examples of typical activities and processes.

**Software not included

  • The 31 included Flowcharts created in Visio, SmartDraw, and pdf format:
    • FD-400-001 Clause 4-Context of the Organization
    • FD-440-001 QMS-Process-Interactions
    • FD-500-001 Clause 5-Leadership
    • FD-510-001 Business Process Map
    • FD-512-001 Management Customer Focus
    • FD-520-001 Operating Principles
    • FD-530-001 Organization Chart
    • FD-600-001 Clause 6 Planning
    • FD-610-001 Planning Cycle
    • FD-620-001 P-D-C-A Objectives Planning
    • FD-700-001 Clause 7-Support
    • FD-710-001 Resource Management
    • FD-750-001 Control- Documented Information
    • FD-800-001 Clause 8-Operation
    • FD-810-002 Process Flow Chart
    • FD-810-003 Production- Quality Plan
    • FD-820-001 Customer Processes
    • FD-830-001 Design Development
    • FD-830-002 Stage Gate Idea-to-Launch
    • FD-831-001 Design Develop-Processes
    • FD-840-001 External Providers-Purchasing
    • FD-850-001 Operations Production Service
    • FD-851-001 Contributors 5Ms
    • FD-851-002 Process Control
    • FD-851-003 Process Steps-Control Points
    • FD-852-001 Identification Traceability
    • FD-855-001 Post Delivery Support
    • FD-900-001 Clause 9-Performance Evaluation
    • FD-1010-001 Clause 10-Improvement
    • FD-1020-001 Corrective Action
    • FD-1030-001 Continual Improvement

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