What are the training requirements?

As with many parts of the IATF 16949 quality standard, the training requirements were designed to help improve the organization’s quality. The standard required employees to be trained with the knowledge and skill necessary to do their jobs with quality. But the added requirement is to verify that the training provided was effective.

Here is a summary of the training requirements from section 6.2.2 Competence, awareness and training.

employee training
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  • Define the knowledge and skill needed for each employee to conduct their job, and maintain updated written procedures for identifying these training needs and how personnel will achieve competence in achieving conformity to product requirements
  • Deliver training or other learning activities to develop the required knowledge and skill.
  • Provide a way to prove whether the training was effective (test for understanding), and to measure how aware employees are of how relevant and important their activities are to achieving quality management goals
  • Ensure employee awareness of how their activities contribute to the quality objectives. They should understand the relevance and importance of their role. (Do they know what a QMS is?)
  • Keep training records and records of employee education, skills and experience
  • Personnel whose tasks affect quality on all levels of the organization must be qualified to deliver those tasks, with the ability to satisfy specific customer requirements
  • Training must be provided to any employee, contractor or subcontractor who is new to a task, or whose tasks have been modified and whose tasks can affect conforming to stated product requirements (These personnel must be informed and updated about what effect any non-conformity to quality requirements may have.)
  • The entire organization must have a formal process that will encourage personnel to not only meet quality objectives, but also to continually improve quality by promoting the awareness of quality and technology as well as the need for innovation
  • For those involved in product design, ensure they are competent enough to deliver the requirements of the product’s design and have mastered the necessary tools and methods as identified by the organization

Once an organization determines how to organize a training program to meet these requirements, they must find a way to keep track of the training schedules, evaluation activities and training records for every employee. Regardless of the size of the organization, most find these administrative demands very time consuming and difficult to maintain so the information is easily available during audits.

Need Guidance? ISO 10015 Quality management-Guidelines for training

ISO 9000 family of standards (including the TS 16949 series) emphasize the importance of human resource management and the need for appropriate training. They recognize that customers are likely to both respect and value an organization’s commitment to its human resources and its ability to demonstrate the strategy used to improve the competence of its personnel.

Personnel at all levels should be trained to meet the organization’s commitment to supply products of a required quality in a rapidly changing market place where customer requirements and expectations are increasing continuously.

This International Standard provides guidelines to assist organizations and their personnel when addressing issues related to training. It may be applied whenever guidance is required to interpret references to “education” and “training” within the ISO 9000 family of quality assurance and quality management standards. Any references to “training” in this document includes all types of education and training.

TS 16949 has training requirements – we meet them!

Section 6.2.2 of the TS 16949 standard requires that you retain a record of the training and prove its effectiveness.

  • The student must pass a final quiz to make sure they understood the material. If they fail a section, they must re-take that section until they pass.
  • It then creates a record by printing a certificate with the students’ name on it.
  • Custom training can automatically send results to a file, email address or Learning Management System (LMS) if SCORM Compliant.


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