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Customer Satisfaction

Why and how to monitor and review customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is imperative for the success of your organization, and because of this IATF 16949 has put customer satisfaction at the forefront of the quality principles. The majority or organizations consider customer satisfaction as a key indictor of corporate health, and IATF 16949 is designed to prioritize this because their is a proven correlation between high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. When your customers are loyal, this in turn leads to an increased level of profitability. When considered over a lifetime of transitions, the value of a single loyal customer is far greater than that of any transient customer.

IATF 16949 is designed to now if customers are satisfied, and to do that an organization must have a method of obtaining, monitoring and reviewing the information gathered. As most organizations turn to surveys to obtain this information a variety of methods can obtain data such as market-share analysis, warranty claims, or dealer reports. After the data is collected, the information needs to be monitored and reviewed.

Performance indicators must be based on objective evidence such as:

  • delivered part quality performance 
  • customer disruptions 
  • field returns, recalls and warranty 
  • delivery schedule performance
  • customer notifications related to quality 

The customer survey and analysis template included in our Forms Package will help your organization meet the requirements around customer satisfaction. 



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