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Effective Management Review

How to execute an effective management review?

Management review is critical for your business, and effective management is crucial in order for your QMS to be effective and conform to the standard. Management reviews allows for effective improvements, and can be used to tie together all elements of the program, which allows cohesiveness. When you have a management review it is necessary to review, trends, objective evidence and data-based decisions. Management reviews must take place annually and the frequency should be increased based upon compliance. We give you two great tools to make sure you stay on task. Download them now and see for yourself.

FREE Tools for Effective Management Review

iso 9000 managment review
Management Review Agenda

management review
Management Review Checklist

To do this effectively, bring together key points of the quality system:

  • Identification of Key Processes (those processes to be included in the QMS)
  • Identification of Quality Objectives for the processes
  • Monitoring and measuring QMS processes

At management review, improvement goals can be evaluated and new goals identified, leading to continual improvement.

Management review should also address quality planning:

Quality planning includes upcoming projects, status of ongoing projects and their effect on the QMS, as well as ways to drive continuous improvement.