Planning to Achieve Quality Objectives

To make it easier for organizations to understand the unique requirements of IATF 16949 from ISO 9001, all supplementary requirements for the Automotive Industry (IATF 16949) will be in italics. 

Quality objectives are defined as measurable goals which are relevant to improving customer satisfaction while being consistent with the quality policy. Your quality objectives are established when planning your QMS and are redefined in management reviews as necessary.

Examples of quality objectives:

  • Obtain 100% customer on-time-delivery
  • Reduce production defects by 10%
  • Average operation efficiency to be >90%

As stated in ISO 9001 once the quality objectives are established you then must determine how and when they will be met, what resources are needed, who is responsible and how the results will be evaluated. This information is often captured in a project form. Quality objectives can be established for any process and at different levels of your organization as long as they are relevant to the QMS, and meet all requirements stated above.

Supplemental Quality objectives stated by IATF 16949 states that top management must ensure that quality objectives to meet customer requirements are defined, established and maintained for relevant functions, processes and levels throughout the organization. When the organization establishes its annual quality objectives they must consider the results of the organization’s review regarding interested parties. 



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